Guitar Lamp

    Guitar Lamp (Music Vendor)

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    Inventor of the original Guitar Lamp "Strum Me & Turn Me On!" Featured in Man Cave Magazine as one of the coolest items you can have in your Man Cave. These lamps have been featured on the Jonas Brothers TV show and Rock of Love with Brett Michaels. It's not just guitars that we can make into a lamp. Almost any musical instrument can be made into a work of art. You need only to ask us. In addition, you can find many other unique music items for your home or Man Cave. Rock and Mock Productions 100% endorses Guitar Lamp.

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    Larry Miranda - The Print + Promo Guy

    Larry Miranda - The Print + Promo Guy
    Taking your Branding to the Next Level!

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    Print + Promo Guy is a premier marketing services partner providing solutions to help you market and manage growing and advertising your business.

    Integrated Marketing Solution Provider for:

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    · Design Services

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    Address: 1436 Burlington Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116


    Opened in 1993, River City T's is a professional apparel decoration company that specializes in printing, embroidery, transfers, & artwork. Having these different decorating choices all under one roof has grown popular with our customers. Customers have different demands all the time, being able to meet these demands is what has made River City T's grow to where it is today. We work hard to make your idea come alive on your apparel. The owners have over 30 years' experience in screen printing, along with many other skills. Bringing their knowledge to their advantage, River City T's has grown to be one of the most recognized printing and embroidery businesses in the midwest.


    When you order custom screen printing, many things are set in place and lots of work is done to prepare for that job. Starting with the artwork. That art must be printed as negatives, then transferred onto screens through a screen burning process. After the screens have been prepared, they are ordered, and put in the press. The technician then will align all of them by doing a series of prints and adjustments to align the different colors. After a proof is reached the job is run, even during the run of the job the technician must pay close attention to check for any misalignments in the prints. We work hard to give you picture perfect prints!

    No matter what you're printing we are here to help you achieve the look you were wanting! River City T's is known for taking on challenging and tedious work that many shops try to avoid or end up not printing correctly. During your order process, you will become familiar with the steps needed to prep your order and print it. Depending on what type of apparel you have will determine what steps are taken to achieve a good print. Each type of apparel requires its own steps in either print order, screen type, ink type, or even loading order. Many people are amazed at how much work goes into custom screen-printing t-shirts and apparel and we are here to help you become familiar with the process.


    Having Tajima embroidery machines in-house we can accommodate customers' needs for apparel such as corporate wear, dress shirts, denim shirts, and so on. Lots of customers use embroidery for business wear and other things such as bags, towels, and jackets for business use or special events. Embroidery is the most popular choice for decorating commercial apparel these days. This method adds strength and never fades or cracks after many washes.

    The Embroidery Process...
    First what we do is take the artwork or design and pull it into our digitizing software. Afterwards, we will digitize your logo by color and layer. This process can take a while depending on your design size and the number of colors you have. *Keep in mind that when digitizing, different apparel requires different digitizing techniques. Embroidery can become tricky when using the same logo on different types of apparel! Sometimes, a logo may need to be digitized twice to achieve good quality on both types of fabric and apparel.

    After being digitized, it is now time to match / or choose colors for your design. We carry Madeira & Robison-Anton thread types in either Rayon or Polyneon. Now trust us, we have PLENTY of colors, but if we don't have it...we can get it!

    Now it's time to test sew the design on our Tajima 1 Head to ensure correct alignment and build. If we must adjust, we do so at this point. Finalizing that the design sews accurately on the customer chosen apparel. After we've sewn the design, we send it to the customer for approval. After the approval, it's all in just sewing the customers apparel and shipping them out!

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